The Monett R-1 School District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Food Service Director.


Qualifications: (1) Must have the training, experience and ability to direct the total food service operation; (2) Must have purchasing experience, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and business management skills; and (3) Must meet any additional qualifications set by the district. 


Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent educational experience, with academic major in specific areas;* OR Bachelor’s degree in any academic major, and state recognized certificate for school nutrition directors; OR Associate’s degree or equivalent educational experience, with academic major in specific areas,* and at least one year of relevant school nutrition programs experience; OR High school diploma (or GED) and at least three years of relevant experience in school nutrition programs. 


Chain of Supervision: Reports directly to the Director of Operations. Supervises food service personnel.


 Duties and Responsibilities: The Food Service Director shall be responsible for food service related business and personnel management. He/she shall be responsible for supervising, coordinating and directing the work duties of all food service personnel, including providing evaluative input to the Director of Operations, and the preparation and distribution of meals in the district. He/she shall make sure the district’s program complies with local, state and federal agency requirements complete all required reports and operate the program in a businesslike manner. He/she shall coordinate building use with the building principals. He/she shall: 


  1. Be responsible for the preparation of monthly menus. 
  2. Be aware of and comply with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) mandates. 
  3. Be responsible for the cleanliness and proper storage of all equipment and the proper handling, serving and storage of all foods. 
  4. Be responsible for the cleanliness of all kitchens. 
  5. Be responsible for keeping records and filing reports in connection with the school lunch program, as required by the school and state.
  6. Arrange for substitutes when food service personnel are absent. 
  7. Be responsible for the purchase of food commodities. 
  8. Be responsible for evaluation of food service personnel. 
  9. Coordinate the use of food service department facilities and/or equipment by staff or outside groups. 
  10. Obtain bids from vendors for the procurement of food, equipment and services needed for the department and make recommendations regarding which bids/proposals are in the overall best interest of the department and District. 
  11. Manage the food service department in an efficient manner while following District budgetary guidelines. 
  12. Perform any and all other duties prescribed by the District Administrator or Board. 


Evaluation: The Director of Operations shall complete an annual evaluation (written and/or oral) covering the individual’s effectiveness in handling the duties and responsibilities of the position. 


Salary: Salary is based on experience.  Range is $30,000- $40,000 annually.


Benefits: The district will provide access to and contribute toward the cost of the following benefit options:

  1.         Health insurance or a group health plan
  2.         Life insurance


Monett R-1 School District Data:

Students- 2,373 students (district-wide)

District Kitchens- 4  (Monett Elementary School, Central Park Elementary, Monett Intermediate School/Monett Middle School, Monett High School)

Off Site Kitchen- St Lawrence Catholic School- 50 meals served daily.

Food service staff- 24

Applications will be accepted until position is filled.